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Find solutions to your motor problems

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If you're facing problems with a critical electric motor, you need answers from knowledgeable consultants who are familiar with all stages of its operation. LeMone Enterprises has more than fifty

years of experience working with electric motors, including their manufacture, sale, training programs, field engineering, and repair.

We are proficient with:


   • Large and Medium AC and DC Machines

   • Medium and Small AC and DC Generators

   • Industrial Power Systems

   • Power Factor Correction

   • Motor Starting

   • Switchgear

   • Adjustable Speed Drives


When trouble-shooting a motor failure, we use a broad-view approach to determine the root cause. Fixing the end problem is not enough, and will only lead to other issues in the near future. Determining the true cause, defining the corrections, and delivering the solutions are what ensures your continuing success.

How can we be of assistance to you and your organization?

A storied history of consulting success

Our current clients include: paper plants, steel mills, grain mills, cement plants, local government utilities and others whose applications are 1,250HP+ motors involving power systems problems, not just individual components. To date we have:

• Started a 30,000 HP brushless motor that had an excitation issue

for over 3 years

• Provided a start-up solution involving a 12,000 HP motor which was not compatible with the Solid State Starter

• Provided training to help a client understand the paralleling of two identical synchronous motors

• Replacement of electronics on the older rotating machine exciters

Although we can claim success, our client's referrals speak greater volumes. References are available on request.

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